The PyConZA 2014 sprints are over. They took place on and at:

  • Dates: 4 & 5 October 2014
  • Time: 9am until 11pm
  • Venue: JoziHub (at 44 Stanley in Milpark)

What was sprinted on


Wafer is the conference platform used by PyCon ZA 2014.


pygame-cffi is a cffi based wrapper of SDL duplicating the pygame API.

  • Added support for the chop and rotozoom transforms (#4)
  • Making pygame-cffi conformance tests work on Mac OS X (#211)

MathML to gif/png:

Displaying mathematical formula on feature phones presents us with a few issues, we don't have javascript (so we can't use MathJax client side) but we also don't know the screen size. Storing images is lame, and clumsy (and doesn't allow us to update the MathML).

Ideally the output of this sprint would be a pip installable python module that can convert MathML to images. Lets do this!

DebConf16 Cape Town bid:

There's an IRC meeting for the DebConf bid team at 15:00 on Saturday. So those of us here might crowd together for that.

  • IRC meeting attended.
  • Poll done to rank venues in order or preference.
  • Arrangements made to visit the popular venues on Monday and Tuesday.

Migrating the Debian Python teams to git:

The Debian Python Modules Team has 750 odd packages in SVN. We need to build tooling to migrate these repositories to git, in a sane format, with history. The scope is infinite, but we can spend some time picking away at it.


Genderiser is a program which makes it easier for writers to switch the genders of characters within large bodies of English-language text.

  • Added docx support.
  • Added odt support.
  • Started docs.
  • Added tests.

See 050b477::fd3427 for commits.

OpenStack Python 3 support:

Some OpenStack dependencies need porting to Python 3.

Debian packaging helpdesk:

There are a handful of Debian people around to help people find an in to the proj ect.

  • Lots of key-signing happened.

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