Introduction to building web applications with Reahl

Speakers: Iwan Vosloo Craig Sparks

Type: Tutorial

Reahl is a full-featured web framework with a twist: with Reahl you write a web application purely in Python. HTML, JavaScript, and all those cumbersome web technologies are hidden away from you.

The first application developed in the online Reahl tutorial includes just enough functionality to give someone a feel for how Reahl is different and interesting. Some topics there fall slightly outside of the scope of Reahl itself because several other Python tools are used, such as virtualenv, Python eggs and SqlAlchemy.

This tutorial is for those who are interested to get that first very basic taste of Reahl with help nearby, and do not feel like following the online tutorial alone at home. We will develop the first example of the online tutorial to give you a solid feel for the approach taken by Reahl, while introducing a number of other development tools that should probably be used by any Python developer. Topics covered are:

  • Using virtualenv
  • Developing Python eggs
  • Persistence using sqlalchemy / elixir
  • Using basic widgets in Reahl
  • Input and validation using Reahl
  • Reacting to user-initiated events using Reahl

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