Python in a business suit

Speakers: Timothy Solomon Andre de Kock

Type: Tutorial

The next business revolution will be opensource.

Small and Medium sized Enterprises need a system that is as adaptive and flexible as they are. They need an open source system that can be customised to their unique African business environment. They need a solution that is accessible anywhere, and can scale as their business grows.

Odoo (previously known as openERP) is a powerful yet flexible system built on Python. Its "app" based modules allow you to install everything from Accounting and MRP to a drag-and-drop ecommerce website, making it easier to run anything from a one man business to multinational corporation. But its also a framework (think of it as Django for business); it allows you to extend the existing functionality with custom modules using the built in templating, database and security features that save you from writing everything from scratch. The xml based api also allows you to integrate with all the functionality without having to add a single line of code, making it the perfect platform for building business apps.

In this tutorial, Timothy Solomon (Director of openERP Africa) will give an overview of the features and and uses of this system, and the amazing opportunities it opens up to Python developers, to build business solutions for almost any company. We will go through the basic features of openerp and how to configure it, and build a small module to showcase how easy it is to build powerful business apps in Odoo.

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