IPython Notebook by Tobie Nortje
Inspired by Lisp to get Ruby to talk Python by Martin Pretorius
Large Scale Data Processing with Python and Apache Spark by Nick Pentreath
The elephant in the web application by Iwan Vosloo
Python at the Observatory - Old telescopes, new instruments by Carel van Gend
Introduction to building web applications with Reahl by Iwan Vosloo
Using Python in Blender by Albert Nel
Reaching Beyond the Web by Vinod Kurup
Building the Internet of Things with Raspberry Pi by Neil Broers
Challenges and Prospects of the Python African Computational Science and Engineering Tour Project by Godfrey Akpojotor
Writing Python Code to Decide an Election by Peter Lubell-Doughtie
Python in a business suit by Timothy Solomon
Deploying to the Google Cloud with a grain of salt by Johann du Toit
A journey through the eyes of a newbie female developer by Ridhwana Khan
Monkeying around with Twisted by Richard Spiers
How I Became A Cookie Monster by Michael Joseph
Hand me the salt while I read my news by Johann du Toit
Python in the context of a Start-up: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly by Adam Jorgensen
Practical testing by Jeremy Thurgood
Ipython as a tool for teaching and learning by Laura Richter
How Python helps writing documentation less painful by Nickolas Grigoriadis
What I learned about Python – and about Guido's time machine – by reading the python-ideas mailing list by David Mertz
Enabling Science with the Southern African Large Telescope with Python by Steve Crawford
Building log cabins by JP Viljoen
An introduction to regular expressions in Python by Adrianna Pińska

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