Accepted Talks:

How I Became A Cookie Monster

(User to Complainer to Helper to Core: the evolution of open source software development communities)


My journey from a user of the awesome cookiecutter, to a core member of an awesome += 1 community.

I've learned a lot from the modest and multi-talented @audreyr about leading a community, writing clean cross-platform Python code and putting the B in BFDL.

My talk aims to introduce cookiecutter to a wider audience (if you're at a PyCon and you create new projects, you need to use it) and to chart my progress from the outside to the inside of an open source project.


We start with a brief introduction to cookiecutter, why it's awesome and why you should use it.

Listen as I digress and ramble about:

Follow step-by-step as I synthesize and refactor and test and document a cookiecutter feature: Extra Context!

Endure as I posit that the ideal open source software development workflow is a battle tested, resilient, improbable and inherently evolutionary process.

Applaud as I summarise.

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