Hand me the salt while I read my news

Speaker: Johann du Toit

Type: Talk

Millions of people read news monthly, and news tend to happen in bursts. The ideal infrastructure is able to scale up or down as soon as needed and provide a way to let you proactively manage your servers rather than reactively, which in the media game is a deal breaker. It gets even worse when you're running most of the local publication sites, including some big name players.

Focusing on the infrastructure we built, using Salt for management; give insight into the news game and provide examples of challenges our team are facing on a daily basis while servicing users. Expanding also on the workflow put together using various solutions such for logging, notifications with Python acting as the coordinator to keep all these systems in line. Delving into various parts of the system from network monitoring to deploying code.

This talk is meant for anyone interested in getting a glimpse of the systems and workflow put in place that allow us to manage the required load and continue developing with the agility to make the needed quick decisions daily.

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