Python in Debian & Ubuntu

Speaker: Stefano Rivera

Type: Talk

This talk is aimed at people who maintain Python libraries and also users of Debian packaged libraries. (Wherever I say Debian in this abstract, it applies to Ubuntu too). The talk should explain a bit about how and why libraries are packaged in Debian, and how to help maintain (or contribute) packages you care about.

We'll cover a bit of history of the Python stacks in Debian and how packaged modules are provided, and who does the work. For context, we'll take a quick detour into Debian packaging in general, and the Debian project's lifecycle.

Debian recently gained a new Python packaging tool, pybuild. This finally makes it easy to package the same library for Python 2, 3, and even PyPy. So, we'll have a look at what it does, and some example packaging.

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